About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring fashionable, flattering clothing to those sick of the norm, of never finding a flattering fit, and of boring colors! We will continue to support IRC and train our workers in the best construction techniques and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Design your perfect clothing with us and know you're making a difference by doing it.


We Support Our Local Refugees

Our garment construction team are former refugees who decided to build their lives in Charlottesville. Our talented co-founder Carla helps them to learn the best techniques for sustainable slow-fashion garment manufacturing.

We work locally with the International Rescue Committee, who maintain a vital operation here in Charlottesville.

IRC programs are designed to ensure refugees thrive in America. The IRC helps those in need rebuild their lives and regain control of their future in their new home community.

We are grateful to these talented people for choosing Charlottesville, and we are also grateful for all the support provided by IRC. 

Proceeds from purchases of our wristlets go to support IRC.

One of our workspaces in downtown Charlottesville

One of our workspaces in downtown Charlottesville