Our Fabrics

Our collections feature richly colored natural fiber fabrics for sourced from the Netherlands, Paris, Thailand, and other places around the world. Only the finest fabrics are good enough for our customers, and only the most flattering colors make the cut.

We measure, cut, and produce our garments by hand so they get the most attention to detail that they possibly can.

A dress bought from a fast fashion retailer that focuses on price over quality simply will not last as long or look good for as long as one created with the time and attention that a garment made by a skilled hand will.


Natural Fibers

We use only the finest natural wools, linens, silks, cottons, and blends in the richest colors and neutrals. Inspired by the gorgeous colors of African print cottons, we want all our designs to help you live in gorgeous, lively color.

Learn more about the fabrics that inspire our love of color.


Choosing Fabrics

Our fabrics were chosen for their beautiful and whimsical motifs, and we choose designs that lend themselves well to flattering the feminine physique.

The shapes and lines in our fabrics are deliberately aligned with pattern lines to maximize the flattering shapes of our designs.


We make 'em like they used to!

We curate vintage patterns to create gorgeous, modern dresses and garments using parts of vintage patterns that are most flattering to the modern woman's body. We don't make vintage patterns quite as they were originally written because women are truly shaped differently now than they were generations ago.


Custom Clothing

Work with our fashion experts to create the perfect clothing for your unique body. Our bespoke process will allow you to create a wardrobe that is exactly to your tastes, made to make you look your absolute best.