The '56 Edie

The '56 Edie


The '56 Edie is a combination of our favorite type of tops: the wrap and the peplum. The wrap flatters any figure by visually cinching in the waist, and the peplum creates width from the waist to the hips, visually creating an even narrower waist. 

The Edie also sports what might be our favorite fabric, Isokani, with gold detailing that makes her perfect for formal or casual. With pretty much any type of jewelry and any bottom, the '56 Edie is incredibly versatile.

While Alex has paired the Edie here with a plain yet flattering navy pencil skirt with a little bit of texture, we can't wait to see the Edie with a sexy pair of jeans or even solid slacks for work. 

However you choose to dress with the '56 Edie, inspire us with your photos! Show us how you dress with Cville Dress Co. by using #cvilledressco

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Our signature waxed cotton fabric softens with each wash, while holding the construction of the vintage pattern for a truly long-wearing garment.