The '54 Grace

The '54 Grace


The '54 Grace was originally created to accompany the stunning gold maxi skirt, the '54 Eleanor, and we loved it so much we had to offer it as a standalone piece. The bow detail creates an easy hourglass shape in a way that shows off the rich texture of the fabric, and the weave of the Dupioni silk catches the light and makes any skin tone look stunning.

The '54 Grace could dress up jeans with platform sandals or knee-high boots for an afternoon out, and could look really stunning over slacks as part of an office ensemble. Silk is a natural insulator and even though this top is sleeveless, when paired under a long cardi or stylish wool coat, the '54 Grace could keep you warm into the fall and winter, too!

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Our Dupioni silk shines with interwoven golden silk threads, creating easy, soft, and comfortable luxury unlike anything else.