The '54 Eleanor

The '54 Eleanor


The '54 Eleanor - a delicately gilded maxi skirt - is the epitome of quality in design. The simple shape of the skirt lengthens the body while the stunning gilded patterns catch the eye in a way that is guaranteed to always steal the show.

In the glorious Blue Isokani fabric, pairing the Eleanor with a turquoise top like the '54 Grace shown here on model Mashon is to complete the look as it was intended; iridescent turquoise at the top guides the viewer's gaze up and to the face. If sleeveless isn't your thing, you do you! To really highlight the Eleanor in ANY of our signature fabrics, pair her with a long-sleeve black top for truly simple, dramatic effect.

However you choose to dress with the '54 Eleanor, inspire us with your photos! Show us how you dress with Cville Dress Co. by using #cvilledressco

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Our signature waxed cotton fabric softens with each wash, while holding the construction of the vintage pattern for a truly long-wearing garment.