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Hand-Cut and Hand-Sewn in Charlottesville, VA

a design experience

made just for you


Completely Custom

Clothing from most traditional retailers is not good enough anymore. With a focus on instant gratification, quality is sacrificed in the name of fast sales. We are committed to bringing back the attention to detail and sustainable quality.

We bring you this quality the best way possible: by making our products by hand.
Garments are designed in-person with our experts to the customer's own style and unique body shape for the most flattering fit possible.


Completely Local

Charlottesville Dress Co. was founded in Charlottesville, Virginia by three women who worked and shopped in Charlottesville and just got sick of not being able to find flattering, professional, high-quality clothing, and they decided to just make it happen themselves.


Completely Handmade

Our team pays the highest attention to detail to guarantee you garments that will last for decades. Our construction expert has 30+ years' experience, and trains our sewing team in vintage techniques that have been lost to time.






A gift card says: I am committed to buying local, and believe in sustainable fashion practice. The perfect gift for the conscious shopper!

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