Highest Quality Natural Fibers



Our wax-print cottons and cotton blends were the fabrics that started it all for us. Unique, sophisticated, and cheerful colors in geometric, whimsical, and floral patterns paired with vintage designs make for garments unlike anything else you've worn. 

Whether subtle or bold is your thing, you'll find fabrics for you in our collection. New designs in these stunning fabrics are being added every day.



Our signature coats come in a curated selection of rich colors that make for the highest quality wardrobe staples. We hand-picked (and hand sew) only the finest quality wools that we use to construct coats that will last for decades.

Your chance to truly customize your coat comes in when you choose your lining fabric. Our distinctive cottons and silks as liners add a gorgeous touch of whimsy to your outerwear that can be your favorite little secret, or a detail you won't want to hide!


Linen can be used to create dresses, skirts, tops, handbags or even bowties! Our linens are offered in a palette of solids that we selected to complement our waxed cotton prints so it's easy for you to coordinate the perfect custom ensemble. 

The colors are as soft as the linen itself, and lend a relaxed sense of professional luxury to any garment.



When choosing silks, we primarily use iridescent Dupioni silks that are woven with two different colors for a reflective quality that, when sewn into a silk top, for example, reflects soft light up and onto the face. We specifically chose to work with Dupioni for this quality, since it makes the wearer shine subtly, without being as flashy as most other silks. This soft glow lends a touch of quiet luxury to any garment constructed with it.

We also offer a couple of limited-edition silks that are not Dupioni, but have such rich color that we couldn't resist. We can't wait to create a coat with a liner in these limited silks, or a stunning formal dress!



About Our Fabrics


We source only the best natural fiber fabrics in rich colors and distinctive patterns from around the world.

We pay as much attention to the quality of the fabrics we use as we do to the quality of craftsmanship that goes into everything we create.

We empower our customers to try figure-flattering styles, to wear the most beautiful garments they could possibly wear in the finest fabrics available.