Going Beyond Custom


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Going Beyond Custom


Now that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of bespoke clothing and custom accessories, why choose Charlottesville Dress Company over other tailors and seamstresses? First is our particular commitment to quality fabrics. Co-Founder Carla Quenneville has over 40 years’ experience sourcing fabrics for her mother’s store and later what became their store together, Les Fabriques. Carla knows all the best fabric designers and producers, and jobbers.

What’s a jobber, you ask? A jobber is a fabric supplier who sells mill ends (also called over-runs), odd lots, and seconds. Jobbers buy fabrics from textile mills and sometimes clothing manufacturers.


the best quality fabrics in limited runs



A sizable portion of our fabrics are limited and come from some extremely well-regarded designers. So, it goes without saying if you see a textile you like, pick and go with it. Don’t think twice, because it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Our other advantage is our breadth of garment styles. We have over 100 designs across our collection. What does that mean for you, the client? You, the client, benefit from our experience of what fits a body better than any other design option. Remember hearing about body shapes as fruits? Apple figures versus Pears? We have the experience to know what makes the Apple shapes look their best versus what might be more flattering for a Pear. If you're not sure what your body shape is and what works best for it, your unique body measurements will help us determine the best shapes for you.


make the fabric work for your body, not the other way around



We also have another great trick: we use the graphic patterns in our printed fabrics to emphasize parts of the body you want to highlight, while camouflaging areas you might want to minimize.

Last, there’s a reason we have created over 100 designs in less than 6 months: we love the design process and we embrace collaboration. If you have a design idea but are not sure how to bring it to reality, bring it to us! We’ll help you with construction and fabric choices to help you achieve your vision.


been dreaming of the perfect look?

design with us

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