More than Just Dresses



More Than Just Dresses


Silk and turquoise



We are the Charlottesville Dress Company. For this reason, you might think we only make dresses. We certainly do make dresses, that’s where we started. With my short legs and even shorter waist, it’s generally hard for me to buy a dress off-the-rack and not need an alteration. Thanks to the year of development we have under our belt with C’ville Dress Co., I now have a closet of prototypes and discontinued designs that fit my unique body! I’m happy to report we are makers of more than just dresses. In fact, we named our company Charlottesville Dress Company because we dress people.

When friends and family came to us asking for active wear, we took up the challenge. Among other exciting options, we discovered industrial hemp fabrics, much to our delight. We have started creating separates that can achieve breathability and flexibility for active motion.

We’ve made three separates from the hemp/cotton/Lycra textile: the Lucy wide leg palazzo pant (to be tied up for bicycle riding), the Edie Blouse, and the Penny tapered pencil skirt with side slits for maximum mobility. One of our photographer friends inspired the skirt design, requesting hers in a stretchy sustainable black hemp fabric so she would wear it over tights and still have maximum mobility for active model photography – she has to keep up with her models! Another close friend in DC loves to bike to her job at the World Bank, so the Lucy pants – secured with a bike tie became a cool way to avoid traffic in DC and be stylish when she lands at work!

We believe that our designs can complement and fill in gaps in a wardrobe. One of our recent designs, a silk skirt with printed dancing ballerinas matched PERFECTLY with a blue striped blouse from Anthropologie.


In addition, two other Anthropologie tops also matched this unique skirt, bringing mustard yellow and black into the wardrobe and making three distinctly cute outfits! The one-of-kind skirt could partner for three distinctly different outfits for work or parties. The main idea is to find the “foundation” piece, the silk ballerina skirt in this case, and build with other separates to create a flexible, easy, grab-and-go wardrobe. If you struggle with the dilemma “I have nothing to wear in my closet” come see us and we’ll help you build your separates into a functional, easy-to-match wardrobe by adding one or two foundational pieces! Separates that are not separate but instead are part of the family of wardrobe options!

Susan Stimart