Buttons and Hidden Pleats: The Joy of Custom Fashion



Buttons and Hidden Pleats: The Joy of Custom Fashion


can you spot the back pleat?

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We talk with everyone we meet (all the time, probably too much) about why we think everyone should pick customized clothing. Beyond the quality of fit, another distinctive aspect of our operation and those of other design houses throughout history is the attention to detail. If we take a deeper dive into the design ethos of C’ville Dress Co -- from the fabrics we choose to the finishing touches we add to each garment we create -- our attention to detail is one of our main sources of pride.


Vintage is Better

For example, we love and frequently incorporate vintage buttons into our garments. This ties perfectly to the vintage patterns and styles we base our designs on, and also brings out a unique personality in every garment.  If you ever come across a stash of vintage buttons you love, please think of us!


we love our vintage buttons!



The Peek-a-Boo Pleat

Another fun detail to our skirts, dresses, and even some jackets such as the Ramona, is our fun with back pleats. We happen to love our pegged, pencil skirts, which we named the Penny. We don't love using slits to increase the walkability of our skirts and dresses, but rather prefer the professional style and crisp construction of a pleat, especially a hidden back pleat. This is particularly fun when we can add contrasting prints for design that has a “peek-a-boo” effect as a wearer walks in her sultry manner!


Do you love shopping for vintage looks? What's the most beautiful or fun detail you've found on a vintage garment?

Susan Stimart