The Sexiness of African Waxed Cotton





On any given summer day, I’ll put on one of our African waxed cotton dresses or skirts and it always amazes me how the fabric behaves. The African wax is simply spectacular in warm weather.

Why, you ask?

The nicer-quality African waxed-print cottons are generally a heavier weight cotton, so no lining is needed. With a single layer garment made of 100% cotton, you have unmatched breathe-ability. There’s free-flow with the air. This fabric has long been a favorite the world over, not only because of this cooling effect, but due to its lively, colorful nature and wonderful patterns.


the drape of our waxed-print cottons is soft, graceful, and unlike anything else we've ever worn



The fabric has an interesting history, originating in Holland, intended as a knockoff of Indonesian Batik prints. The Indonesian market didn’t respond to the brighter, graphic designs at first, but it found a delighted reception in Africa. Therefore, you might hear it called Dutch Wax Print, African Wax Print, or Ankara, among other names.


Quality Matters

Though the quality of fabric ranges, we always pick the best 100% cotton prints. Be careful of poly blends infiltrating the market! Those fabrics won’t behave in the delicious way of the pure cotton and blends lose their cooling quality.


we love re-visiting popular menswear styles with a feminine touch and rich, flattering colors



Perfect for Any Style

If you're ever envious of menswear, I have a good story to share that might bring you to an appreciation of the African wax even faster. I recently met with some young men’s clothing designers interested in designing shorts that forego underwear. It’s a great concept to go without the double layers when the heat is up. Fortunately for women, the African waxed cotton print is the simple answer. You can still wear underwear and keep cool in the summer months.

If you’re at all curious, I recommend giving it a try. Pick up one of our dresses or skirts made from the African Wax cotton, I promise you won’t regret it!

The other excellent aspect of this fabric is its easy, easy, EASY care. Did I mention it's easy to care for?


To wash, or not to wash? It’s your call!

High-quality wax print fabric comes, as the title suggests, with wax embedded in the fabric. This gives it a crisp, sharp drape, great for structural styles that need shape. If you want to take advantage of the wax, it’ll need to be a “dry clean only” garment. If you’d prefer a softer feel and shape, simply give it a pre-wash, and it’ll soften right up. 

I also like to wash on cold and dry on low heat to extend the life a garment.


Want to learn more?

If you have any questions about our African wax print fabrics, we are always available for questions!

Susan Stimart