Clothing Used to be Made to Last



Clothing Used to be Made to Last…


your clothes should be

worth the price


Have you ever scored the perfect garment, only to disappointingly find some time later that it just wasn’t made to last? Your favorite thing is quickly exiting stage left, often leaving you with no way to get another one. I’ve had this experience many times. Most clothing is not made to last, simply because the manufacturers want to get you back in the store next season.

Pretty devious, isn’t it?

Charlottesville Dress Company is not about making you spend each season; we’re about making something exactly to your tastes that will stay in style for decades and that you can love long-term.

Understanding the depth of my own suffering, I’ve frequently suggested to others who are getting to know our company to bring in a favorite wardrobe item for their consultation with us. I do this for two reasons. The first is that with your favorite example of your style, our designers can get a better sense of what you value in clothing design: a certain color, style, fit, etc. Second, depending on the item, we can replicate it in different colors or different fibers for new versions of your favorite thing. It’s always exciting to discuss what our clients love, it is so vital to helping understand what makes your perfect garments.


So, my advice to you is this: look in your closet for the thing that you wouldn’t want to lose, EVER, and then think about how you might need to replace it someday. If you find that item, bring it to us and we’ll work our magic together!

Susan Stimart