We think you're the most important part of fashion


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We think you're the most important part of fashion

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There’s a lot more to Charlottesville Dress Company than just pretty fabrics and clothing made uniquely for each and every one of our clients (which is pretty incredible in itself if you ask us!). We get to know everyone that comes to our studio from their personal style to their personality and build wardrobes that are purely them. What motivated them to learn more about us? What fabrics and colors will make them shine? What about their body do they want to accentuate or hide? What do they do for a living? How do they move and carry themselves? There’s a lot of thought, time, and attention paid to each client, and we thrive off of it.

Our very first fashion show was held in April of 2018 at the stunning King Family Vineyards near Crozet, Virginia. The show, showcasing our Spring/Summer 2018 “Live in Color” collection, was a celebration of color, joy, and breaking free from restrictive and uncomfortable number sizes. More than just a chance to share our first foray into custom fashion design, all proceeds from this show went to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). With our fun little show we raised over $4,000! Not bad for our first charity fashion show.

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There was a flutter of excitement after the show as we were snapping photos with all our models and friends who helped us. Pop star extraordinaire Pink was in the building! She and her husband were sipping wine outside, watching the Blue Ridge mountains and their kids play right in front of our show! We were excited about this celebrity sighting but kept our distance since she, like us, was just having a great time enjoying the magical King Family Vineyards grounds.

Pink really inspired us that night. Besides being so respectful to our show, she stands out among rock stars and other celebrities for her kindness, her commitment to family and honesty. She’s authentic in who she is and what she represents. We’re committed to maintain our authenticity as well. While we’ve come a long way in building our business, we’ll never turn away from what drives us: the joy we get from getting to know each one of our clients and making clothing an unforgettable experience for them.

Susan Stimart